Assessing Performance

Assessing board performance is the most effective way to ensure your board members understand their duties and utilize effective good governance practices.

Assessments move your board and board leaders to the next level of performance. And if you’re like most, that’s something you want to do.

BoardSource is widely recognized as the leader in assessing nonprofit board performance. For nearly 30 years, board leaders have looked to us to help them evaluate their board’s — as well as their chief executive’s — performance to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Board members and organization leaders typically begin the process with the following questions:

Assessing Board Performance

  • Board Self-Assessment (BSA) for Nonprofits gathers feedback from individual board members and measures the collective performance of the board. For those who want to build upon the BSA, we offer a number of deeper supports to help set a course for strengthened performance.
  • BSA for Independent Schools: We’ve adapted our core board self-assessment tool to meet the needs of independent schools.
  • BSA for Associations: We’ve adapted our core board self-assessment tool to meet the needs of associations.
  • BSA for Foundations: We’ve adapted our core board self-assessment tool to meet the needs of community and private foundations.

Assessing Chief Executive Performance

  • Head of Independent Schools AssessmentWe developed a head-of-school assessment based on the Assessment of the Chief Executive to foster the growth and development of the head of school and the school.

Why do organizations assess their performance?

We asked board members to tell us their most important reasons. Here are the top three.

Learn more about what they said after completing a BSA.



44% to address an issue or consider change


It is a good experience for the board as a whole to step back and evaluate its work and seek understanding so together we can create greater impact for our mission.

Mary Beth McIntire, Comfort Zone Camp