More than 1,000 nonprofit organizations have used a BoardSource
Board Self-Assessment in the past 10 years.
Here’s what your peers are saying about their experience.



“I like that the board can do the assessment online and the information is compiled in a succinct way to present to the board upon completion. It is easy for board members to complete. The assessment helps the board understand where improvements can be made and work to make improvements in that area. For us, it is fundraising. It puts the issue front and center with them.”
— Jackie Mayo, HomeSource East Tennessee

Education & Insight

“Great way to structure a discussion on Board Performance. Great way of gathering basic information and starting conversations as well as to praise good work or prioritize how to address the many issues a challenged Board may face.  Great product!” – Shelly Gardeniers, Artis Strategic Consulting

Growth & Sustainability

“The assessment helped launch us into our strategic planning and we have been flourishing ever since then. Using this tool helped make sure that not only the loud voices were heard, but that all who are invested in our vision and mission could have a say.” – Anonymous

Expert Guidance & Support

“As a client, I was totally taken away by the depth of expertise, willingness to partner, level of service and the deep empathy for my nonprofit partners demonstrated by BoardSource staff. Hats off!” – Atul Tandon , Tandon Institute


Customer Satisfaction

“Customer service was highly responsive and most helpful.  Overall, we feel that the survey provides great value for the money and time invested.” – Jim Williamson, Community Foundation of Greater New Britain, CT


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