A New Perspective on the Board’s Role

At BoardSource, we believe it is time for real change in the way that boards understand and embody their leadership role. In “The Four Principles of Purpose-Driven Board Leadership,” BoardSource’s CEO makes a compelling case for a new way forward.


Read the Article in Stanford Social Innovation Review

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The Board Support Program is BoardSource’s core board development program. It provides year-round, on-demand access to educational resources, support from BoardSource experts, and a comprehensive board self-assessment. It’s an essential resource for every board committed to effective leadership and governance.

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Board Self-Assessment

Board Self-Assessment

Identify what your board is doing well and where it faces challenges.

The BoardSource Exchange

The BoardSource Exchange

Connect with other nonprofit board and staff leaders .


Educational Resources & Tools

Further your board’s development goals with content organized by topic.


On-Demand Certificate Program

Improve your understanding of the board’s roles and responsibilities.

Invest in your board’s leadership.

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Board leadership matters.

With expertise cultivated over more than three decades, BoardSource strengthens nonprofit leadership through research, thought leadership, and practical supports that help transform board structures, dynamics, and perspectives.

Board Self-Assessment

Assessing board performance is key to becoming a stronger board and building a constructive board–chief executive partnership.

Coaching & Consulting

BoardSource-affiliated consultants work with individual boards to strengthen board knowledge, practices, and culture.

Educational Programs

Our educational programs and events provide board members, chief executives, and consultants with information they need to succeed.