Consulting and Coaching

With a singular focus on strengthening nonprofit board leadership and governance, BoardSource’s consulting practice offers a wide range of consulting and advisory services to meet the needs of nonprofits, foundations, and corporate programs in nonprofit board service.

Working with Nonprofit Organizations

We offer a range of solutions to support federated networks (including all chapters or affiliates) and nonprofits with one board (including single affiliates or chapters of a federated network).

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Supporting Federated Networks

We partner with headquarter organizations of federated networks to support and strengthen board leadership and governance across their network, helping to build strong and consistent board practices and performance.

  • Network-wide access to board leadership resources through our membership program
  • Benchmarking board leadership strengths and challenges
  • Licensing of board education training, publications, and other opportunities


Strengthen board leadership across your network.

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Supporting Individual Nonprofits

Working in partnership with nonprofits, our expert consultants serve as trusted advisors, unbiased facilitators, and seasoned analysts to develop strategies to answer key questions about your board’s performance.

Strengthen your board leadership practices.

Grantmakers Supporting Nonprofits

Building strong leadership at the board level is critically important to the success and sustainability of your grantees. Without strong board leadership and governance, they are vulnerable to a wide range of challenges and dysfunctions, which can significantly impact their ability to achieve the short- and long-term goals that you share.

As a grantmaker, you can make a real difference by starting a dialogue with your grantees about their board leadership strengths and challenges, and providing focused support to help them build and strengthen their performance.

Invest in your grantees’ board leadership and learn how BoardSource can help

Working with Foundation Boards

Foundations that model strong board leadership and governance are sending a powerful signal about the importance of effective board leadership. BoardSource is proud to work closely with many foundation boards and trustees to support strong and effective foundation governance and board leadership.

Learn more about how we partner with and help support foundations