Board Support Program for Nonprofit Organizations

BoardSource’s Board Support Program provides support for nonprofit boards by offering year-round governance guidance, resources, and leadership development to you, your board, and your organization.

The Board Support Program starts with BoardSource’s Board Self-Assessment (BSA), enabling your board to reflect on what it’s doing well and where it’s more challenged. Throughout the year, your organization’s leaders are supported with educational resources and tools to further your board development goals.

Board Self-Assessment (BSA)

The BSA lays the foundation for setting board development priorities and motivating board members — individually and collectively — to strengthen the full board’s governance performance and practices. By establishing a common understanding of board roles and responsibilities and measuring your board’s performance against these recognized roles and responsibilities, your board can focus on what’s critical for success.

Our comprehensive BSA covers board practices and policies
in these areas of board responsibility.

  • BSA1

    Support of the organization’s mission

  • BSA 2

    Effectiveness in building & monitoring strategy

  • BSA 3

    Oversight of programs & finances

  • BSA4

    Management, oversight, & support of CEO/ED

  • BSA 5

    Organizational funding & public image

  • BSA6

    Board structure & composition

  • BSA 7

    Board meeting effectiveness

Educational Resources to Support Your Board and Staff Leadership

Armed with the insights from the assessment, your board is provided access to on-demand educational resources and our Ask-an-Expert email assistance to support its board development goals. The program provides all current board members and staff with open access to BoardSource’s comprehensive member resources.

The BoardSource Exchange

The BoardSource Exchange is a collaborative tool that enables you to connect, engage, and share governance information with all BoardSource members like you who are committed to effective board leadership.

Downloadable Resources

Our Resources + Solutions (R+S) emails include tools you can instantly download, infographics that serve as thought pieces, and other easy-to-access resources. Only members have access to all content.

Ask-an-Expert Email Service

BoardSource provides guidance via an email service we refer to as Ask-an-Expert. Members can send their question or issue and receive governance guidance from a BoardSource expert.

Educational Webinars

BoardSource offers educational and timely webinars that are complimentary to all members. Both current and recorded webinars can be found in our store (members have free access, but still need to register).

Hundreds of Written Resources

BoardSource has a collection of 101-, 201-, and 301-leveltopic papers’ and articles on a wide range of topics. Members have access to all levels of resources while nonmembers only have access to 101-level resources. 

Additional Benefits

Access to our quarterly e-newsletter, the Spark! and discounts on 40+ publications, additional diagnostic assessment tools, training programs, and the BoardSource Leadership Forum, our biennial conference.

Member Marketplace: additional benefits for organizations


Affinity Fundraising Registration

BoardSource has a partnership with Affinity Fundraising Registration to support our members compliance with each state’s unique charitable solicitation registration laws. By ensuring that your organization’s fundraising is entirely legal in every state in which you raise funds, a board member’s personal liability is reduced.


Purchasing Point

BoardSource is a partner of National Human Services Assembly, which grants members access to the PurchasingPoint® program. Through this benefit, you and your organization have  access to the industry’s largest discounts on office supplies, office furniture, package delivery services and much more. In order to take advantage of these discounts, just follow the user-friendly instructions.

Board Support Program Fees for Individual Nonprofits*

*This program is for organizations with one board, including single affiliates or chapters of a federated network. Learn more about our membership option for federated networks.

  • Annual Budget Size

    Less than $500,000
    $500,000 – $999,999
    $1,000,000 – $4,999,999
    More than $5,000,000

  • Annual Membership Fee


Get your board on a path to greater impact.

Sign up for the Board Support Program

A BoardSource representative will contact you within three business days to confirm receiving your membership agreement and provide more information about launching your membership.


If you have questions about membership and would like to talk to a BoardSource team member, please call (202) 349-2580 or email

It is our hope that BoardSource’s year-round Board Support Program for nonprofits organizations is affordable and accessible to the vast majority of nonprofits. If your organization is unable to invest in a membership program for your organization at this time, you may want to consider our membership program for nonprofit leaders.