Membership Program for Federated Networks

BoardSource’s support program for federated networks provides your entire network of board and staff leaders with access to BoardSource’s expertise and guidance.

For one annual membership fee, purchased through the headquarter organization, your entire network will have access to BoardSource’s member education resources. This means each and every board and staff leader will have free and unlimited access to consistent and reliable information to guide his or her board leadership and governance practices.
BoardSource’s member resources ensure that your leaders won’t have to reinvent the wheel when they need information and resources about board roles and responsibilities, effective meeting practices, or how to deal with a challenging board issue.

Trusted Expertise

Board leadership resources, tools, and topic-specific information that are reliable and consistent, and built on the expertise and respect that BoardSource has garnered over its nearly 30 years of leadership.

Education & Access

Regular board training on critical topics, helping to cultivate greater understanding and confidence among board members and executives and reinforcing the importance of ongoing board development.

Engagement & Support

On-demand support that enables your leaders to access guidance when they need it and not overburden national staff. Our online engagement platform is designed for sharing and learning among your network’s leaders and the broader membership community.

Organizational membership allows us to extend resources, training, and templates to all of our chapter boards and staff without having to create our own board tools.
ROI for us is very high.

BoardSource federated network organizational member

Benefits for Leaders Across Your Federated Network

  • Monthly Member Education Webinars

    Each month, BoardSource offers webinars on a range of nonprofit governance issues that are complimentary to all members. Many webinars are also available as recordings. Both current and recorded webinars can be found in our store (members have complimentary access, but still need to register for each webinar to gain access).

  • Hundreds of 101-, 201-, and 301-Level Topic Papers

    BoardSource has a collection of hundreds of topic papers and articles on a wide range of governance and board leadership topics. They are short and easily digestible in format, making them perfect for quick reference. We’ve organized them by topic to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

  • The BoardSource Exchange

    The BoardSource Exchange is a collaborative tool that enables you to connect, engage, and share governance information with all BoardSource members — volunteers and professionals like you who are committed to effective board leadership and making a difference in their communities. We hope the Exchange will become one of your favorite go-to places to share your governance experiences, ask for advice, build relationships, and learn.

  • Downloadable Templates, Tools, Infographics, and More

    Begin receiving our Resources + Solutions (R+S) weekly emails that include tools you can download and use right away, infographics that serve as thought pieces, and other easy-to-access valuable resources.

  • Ask-an-Expert Email Service

    BoardSource provides guidance via an email service we refer to as Ask-an-Expert. Members can send their question or issue and receive governance guidance from a BoardSource expert. Note: Information and guidance are provided with the understanding that Boardsource is not rendering professional opinions or legal advice. If such opinions are required, a CPA or licensed attorney should be sought.

  • Additional Benefits

    Access to our quarterly e-newsletter, the Spark!; discounts on BoardSource publications, assessments, trainings, webinars, and the BoardSource Leadership Forum, our biennial conference; and special access to board recruitment tools and services from LinkedIn.

Member Marketplace: Benefits from Our Partners


Affinity Fundraising Registration

BoardSource has a partnership with Affinity Fundraising Registration to support our members in their effort to comply with each state’s charitable solicitation registration laws, which differ from state to state. By ensuring that your organization’s fundraising is entirely legal in every state in which you raise funds, you reduce a board members’ personal liability.


Purchasing Point

BoardSource is a partner of National Human Services Assembly, which grants members access to the PurchasingPoint® program. Through this benefit, you and your organization have  access to the industry’s largest discounts on office supplies, office furniture, package delivery services and much more. In order to take advantage of these discounts, just follow the user-friendly instructions we provide when you register for your BoardSource membership.

Membership Fees for Federated Networks (HQ)

  • Size of Network

    20 or fewer affiliates or chapters
    21-100 affiliates or chapters
    More than 100 affiliates or chapters

  • Annual Membership Fee


 Provide your network’s board and executive leaders with the support they need to understand and fulfill their important roles.

Join BoardSource’s membership community today

Please email the completed form to A BoardSource representative will contact you within three business days to confirm receiving your membership agreement and provide more information about launching your membership.


If you have questions about membership and would like to talk to a BoardSource team member, please call (202) 349-2580 or email

It is our hope that BoardSource’s membership program is affordable and accessible to the vast majority of federated nonprofits. If your organization is unable to invest in a membership program that supports your entire network at this time, you may want to consider our individual membership program for nonprofit leaders or our Board Support Program for your individual chapters or affiliates.