Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education

The second edition of BoardSource’s governance education program, the Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education, is designed for those who want to understand the major building blocks of an effective nonprofit board.

Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education

The four-module, on-demand program covers the fundamental nonprofit governance concepts every nonprofit leader should understand, including board structure and practices, the roles and responsibilities of board members, and financial and legal oversight.

During the course of this certificate program, you will also learn about the identification, recruitment, and orientation of board members; the board-staff partnership; board meetings and the use of committees; the board’s fundraising role; board member motivation, responsibilities, and accountability.

The second edition of our most popular course now features closed captioning, videos, and other elements that make for a more immersive learning experience.

Certificate Objectives, Modules, & Registration

Objective I

Gain insights and receive resources that further your understanding of the fundamentals of nonprofit board governance.

Objective II

Develop a network of peers who are taking the course to gain mutual support, and to share information on the BoardSource Exchange.

Objective III

Examine approaches, assumptions, and practices about effective governance; you’ll be prepared to put the learning to work with access to a Course Portal that includes tools, templates, and other material.

Module 1
Welcome & The Nonprofit Context

Module 2
Board Roles and Responsibilities

Module 3
Building a Diverse, Inclusive & Equitable Board

Module 4
Building a Constructive Partnership Between Board and Staff

Individual Members
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Organizational members participating in the Board Support Program, Foundation Board Assessment Program, Charter or Independent School memberships have free access to the full four-part course. 
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