Board Self-Assessment

Strong board performance is vital to the
success of every organization.

Board Self-Assessment (BSA)

board self-assessmentThe BSA lays the foundation for setting board development priorities and motivating board members — individually and collectively — to strengthen the full board’s governance performance and practices.

By establishing a common understanding of board roles and responsibilities and measuring your board’s performance against these recognized roles and responsibilities, your board can focus on what’s critical for success.

BoardSource’s easy, online assessment process takes the hassle out of conducting and participating in an assessment. You can rely on our years of experience facilitating online assessments. We value confidentiality and recognize that arms-length administration provides your board with the opportunity to speak openly and candidly about all aspects of board operations.

Whether you’re conducting an assessment to validate that your board is in step with recommended practices or to tackle an issue, you’ll find that the perspectives of your board members will provide valuable insight on where to focus your energy for the good of the organization. View our video to learn more about the BSA

Our comprehensive tool covers board practices and policies
in these areas of board responsibility:

The People

The People

Board Composition
Board Structure
Board Meetings

The Culture

The Culture

Leadership Culture & Dynamics

The Work

The Work

Mission, Vision, & Strategic Direction
Funding & Public Image
Program Oversight
Financial Oversight
Chief Executive Supervision & Oversight

The impact

The Impact

Perceptions of the Board’s Impact on Organizational Performance

BoardSource recommends that boards assess their overall performance every two years and build tangible board development plans based on what they learn. BoardSource’s BSA is included as part of our membership programs for nonprofit organizations, or as a stand-alone resource.



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[The BSA is] an excellent, in-depth look at board performance across nine critical functions of the organization. BoardSource staff make it easy… and it’s a great value for the extensive information provided.

Carole Rylander, CFRE, Rylander Associates


Many organizations find it helpful to complete the Board Self-Assessment and then use one or more of our additional tools to set a course for strengthened performance through focused board development.

  • The DECK
    Detailed presentation based on your BSA results to be shared at your next board meeting
    45-minute conversation with a  consultant to benefit from deeper insights into your BSA results
  • Board Retreat
    Four- to six-hour board retreat led by one of our experienced governance consultants

Learn more about our additional assessment tools.

Board Self-Assessment (BSA) DECK

BSA-DECK-CoverA PowerPoint presentation featuring highlights of your BSA results and basic benchmark data to be used when presenting your results to the full board.

What’s a DECK? It’s a deck of 15-20 PowerPoint slides featuring highlights from your assessment results and basic comparison scores benchmarking your assessment scores against other nonprofit boards that have used our BSA tool. The slide deck is a great tool to use when presenting your assessment results to the full board. Use it to start a meaningful and thoughtful conversation about how to strengthen performance.

$399 Organizational Members | $499 Individual Members | $599 Nonmembers

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BoardSource is unable to prepare a DECK unless you have completed and closed a BSA within the past 120 days.

Board Self-Assessment (BSA) CONNECT

BSA-CONNECT-CoverBenefit from the experiences and expertise of a BoardSource governance consultant, who will analyze your BSA results to identify actions your board might take to strengthen its practices and performance.

BoardSource governance consultant will discuss his or her recommended next steps with several of your board leaders in a 45-minute conference call and develop a PowerPoint presentation you can use to present your assessment information to your full board. The BoardSource consultants who provide our CONNECT service have years of nonprofit governance experience and in-depth knowledge of best practices.

The 45-minute conference call between a BoardSource consultant and two to three of your board leaders will enable the consultant to learn about factors that may be affecting your board’s performance, fine-tune his or her recommendations based on what is learned, and prepare your board leaders for discussing your assessment results and recommended actions with the full board.

To support that discussion, CONNECT includes 18-22 PowerPoint slides featuring highlights from your assessment results, comparison scores benchmarking your assessment against other nonprofit boards that have used our BSA tool, and three to five customized recommendations from the BoardSource governance expert your board leaders spoke with. This tool is designed to assist you in discussing your board’s performance and drafting a board development plan.

$1,659 Organizational Members | $1,759 Individual Members | $1,859 Nonmembers

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BoardSource cannot prepare a CONNECT unless you have completed and closed a BSA within the past 120 days.

Board Self-Assessment and Action Planning Session (Board Retreat)

Using data from your board self-assessment, the BoardSource Self-Assessment and Action Planning session pairs you with a BoardSource consultant to facilitate a conversation in your boardroom about the results of your self-assessment and next steps for board development.

Learn more about the BoardSource Self-Assessment & Action Planning Session