Board Chair

The role that you play as a nonprofit board chair is critically important.

You set the tone for the relationship between the board and your executive (executive director or CEO). You ensure that board meetings are well-planned and facilitated. And you bring leadership and focus to the board’s work.

A board chair is typically a very busy professional, which can make it challenging to find the time to invest in strengthening the board and its work, whether that’s thinking long-term about important board conversations, reflecting on board performance, or navigating sticky issues or dynamics.

BoardSource can help.

We have tried and tested resources and guidance, educational programs and coaching, and an active and engaged community that can provide peer-to-peer support. We’re here to support you in your role, and to ensure that you have the tools and resources you need to succeed. The following key resources are among many on our website that apply to board chairs; please visit the Topics and Resources and Solutions areas of the site, as well as our Store, to discover more.

Resources for Board Chairs

The Board Chair Handbook

This widely read resource is designed for new and seasoned board chairs and will help you prepare for the role, optimize the work of the board through the application of strong leadership and sound governance practices, improve board processes and tasks, and, when the time comes, prepare for the end of your term and a transition to a new chair.


How to Remove a Board Member

How to Remove a Board Member Removing a Board Member Dismissing a board member before his or her official term is up is a stressful and complicated process that the board chair should facilitate but […]

Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Board Chairs

Professional development for board chairs has been lacking; this unique opportunity allows you to connect with a governance expert as well as your peers to conquer the unique challenges and issues that encompass the board chair position.

Support for Nonprofit Organizations

Our membership programs for nonprofit organizations provide your leaders — both board and staff — with the resources and tools they require to provide your organization with the leadership that your mission deserves and needs.

Assessment of the Chief Executive (ACE)

Assessing the chief executive is one of the board’s primary governance responsibilities. The ACE benefits both the chief executive and the board by providing you with the opportunity to clarify expectations, set organizational goals, and improve weaknesses or build on past success.

Board Self-Assessment

The BSA is a valuable resource for any nonprofit chief executive looking to motivate board members and lay the foundation for setting board development priorities — individually and collectively — to strengthen the full board’s governance performance and practices.