There are many different individuals who work together to support successful nonprofits.


Each role has a unique set of responsibilities and must work in partnership with the board and nonprofit leadership to ensure their organization can reach its full potential. Select your role below to view our resources and services specifically tailored to your responsibilities.


How to Remove a Board Member

How to Remove a Board Member Removing a Board Member Dismissing a board member before his or her official term is up is a stressful and complicated process that the board chair should facilitate but […]

Nonprofit Boards Still Not Diverse, Report Finds

Nonprofit boards are no more diverse than they were two years ago and do not seem to be prioritizing diversity in their recruitment practices, a report from BoardSource finds. Based on a survey of nearly eighteen hundred […]

Executive Retreat

Join other nonprofit EDs and CEOs for a collaborative and restorative 3-day executive retreat that will provide a “safe” place for sharing and learning.

Engage a Governance Coach as a Trusted Advisor

Our coaching services offer individualized or group support and guidance on board governance practices or leadership dynamics. A BoardSource coach offers flexible support and advice when it’s needed most.

Governance Check-Up

It’s important that you do a periodic review of all of your governance documents and policies. A BoardSource Governance Check-Up will help your board and organization ensure that it is operating in compliance with accepted governance practices and providing effective stewardship of the charitable assets of your organization.

Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Chief Executives

Whether you are a new nonprofit CEO or executive director, or a seasoned leader, you will learn practical approaches to some of the most challenging aspects of being the chief executive through this certificate program.

Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Board Chairs

Professional development for board chairs has been lacking; this unique opportunity allows you to connect with a governance expert as well as your peers to conquer the unique challenges and issues that encompass the board chair position.

Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education

All board members should understand the major building blocks of an effective board. This certificate program covers fundamental nonprofit governance concepts, including board structure and practices, the roles and responsibilities of board members, and financial and legal oversight.

Support for Nonprofit Organizations

Our membership programs for nonprofit organizations provide your leaders — both board and staff — with the resources and tools they require to provide your organization with the leadership that your mission deserves and needs.

Board-Staff Partnership: How to Share Leadership & Get Results

This seminar is designed for nonprofit leaders who are working to deepen and strengthen the board-staff partnership. Work to create a strong foundation for positive organizational culture and clarify expectations to get results through shared leadership