Corporate Volunteerism Leader

BoardSource has long recognized that corporate employees have the capacity to bring extremely valuable professional skills and talents to nonprofit boards — and nonprofit boards are eager to have them.


That’s why BoardSource works in partnership with corporations to help build and support programs that leverage employee talent in service of nonprofit missions through board service.

Examples of BoardSource’s work with corporations includes

  • developing, with Prudential and the Prudential Foundation, a cohort-based leadership development program for diverse Prudential leaders seeking to serve on a nonprofit board
  • providing, through our corporate membership program, the entire network of Google employees with resources to support them in their board service
  • working with Disney to integrate their board service program and guidelines across their brands to create an integrated strategy for board service at Disney
  • working with Capital One to provide focused training programs and resources that support leaders in their board service
  • identifying and matching board service opportunities for employees at several companies

If your company is looking to build or support a nonprofit board service program, we would love to hear from you. Please contact to discuss how BoardSource can support your efforts beyond these featured resources.

Resources for Corporate Leaders

The Business Professional’s Guide to Nonprofit Board Service

Learn about the role and responsibilities of the nonprofit board, the differences between for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and how to choose a board aligned with your needs and interests.

Partnership for Effective Board Leadership for Corporations

As the leading organization focused on nonprofit governance and leadership, BoardSource helps corporations make the smartest investment in their employees and greatest impact in their communities. The Partnership for Effective Board Leadership is a membership program specifically designed for corporations that provides tailored solutions and expert support for a corporate board service program that attracts, develops, and retains valued employees.

Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education

All board members should understand the major building blocks of an effective board. This certificate program covers fundamental nonprofit governance concepts, including board structure and practices, the roles and responsibilities of board members, and financial and legal oversight.