Member Benefits for Corporations

BoardSource’s corporate membership program provides companies with ongoing support and education support for all of their employees that are serving – or preparing to serve – on a nonprofit board.


BoardSource partners with companies to build and support nonprofit board service programs that connect employees’ commitment to the community with strategically aligned board service opportunities, providing ongoing support and education to help employees serve with confidence.
Members have access to hundreds of members-only resources addressing the latest news, issues, and best practices in nonprofit governance. BoardSource has had the privilege of supporting leaders focused on serving the nonprofit sector for nearly 30 years. Together, we are inspiring excellence in nonprofit governance and board and staff leadership.

Membership Benefits to Support Your Leadership Development

  • Hundreds of 101-, 201-, and 301-Level Topic Papers

    BoardSource has a collection of hundreds of topic papers and articles on a wide range of governance and board leadership topics. They are short and easily digestible in format, making them perfect for quick reference. We’ve organized them by topic to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.

  • The BoardSource Exchange

    The BoardSource Exchange is a collaborative tool that enables you to connect, engage, and share governance information with all BoardSource members — volunteers and professionals like you who are committed to effective board leadership and making a difference in their communities. We hope the Exchange will become one of your favorite go-to places to share your governance experiences, ask for advice, build relationships, and learn.

  • Downloadable Templates, Tools, Infographics, and More

    Begin receiving our Resources + Solutions (R+S) biweekly emails that include tools you can download and use right away, infographics that serve as thought pieces, and other easy-to-access valuable resources.

  • Ask-an-Expert Email Service

    BoardSource provides guidance via an email service we refer to as Ask-an-Expert. Members can send their question or issue and receive governance guidance from a BoardSource expert. Note: Information and guidance are provided with the understanding that Boardsource is not rendering professional opinions or legal advice. If such opinions are required, a CPA or licensed attorney should be sought.

  • Additional Benefits

    Discounts on BoardSource publications, assessments, virtual and in-person trainings.

Corporate Membership Benefits

  • The Business Professional’s Guide to Nonprofit Board Service

    The Business Professional’s Guide to Nonprofit Board Service: Leveraging Your Talents for the Social Sector is designed to provide guidance to corporate professionals considering nonprofit board service and those presently serving on boards. All corporate members receive a digital copy.

  • On-Demand Corporate Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education

    BoardSource’s governance education program is designed for those who want to learn how to leverage their unique skills to make a difference and be an effective and engaged nonprofit board member. Registration for the Corporate Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education is $499 for corporate members and complimentary for corporate plus members.

  • Advisory services, customized training programs for corporations, and other limited-access opportunities (services detailed below are for corporations that are already members)
    • Board Matching Services – $1,300 per employee
    • Board Support Program – $1,000 per nonprofit organization

Corporate Membership Packages


  • Open access to BoardSource’s member benefits
  • Digital license of Business Professional’s Guide to Nonprofit Board Service

Access your member benefits


Access your member benefits


  • Complimentary board matching services for
    up to 20 corporate
  • All benefits of the $25,000 membership

Access your member benefits


Access your member benefits

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