Corporate Membership Program

BoardSource’s corporate membership program helps corporations make a difference.

Nonprofit board service enables corporations to strengthen communities by leveraging their most valuable asset – their people. BoardSource, through its corporate membership program, partners with companies to build and support nonprofit board service programs that connect employees’ commitment to the community with strategically aligned board service opportunities, providing ongoing support and education to help employees serve with confidence.

Our Corporate Partners

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The Value of Nonprofit Board Service


BoardSource Resources to Support Corporate Employee Nonprofit Board Volunteerism


Partnering with BoardSource

BoardSource’s corporate membership program enables companies to access scalable, turnkey support for all of its employees that are serving – or preparing to serve – on a nonprofit board. Membership packages start at $10,000 and allow companies to select a level of support that matches their specific needs.


Learn more about your benefits


  • Complimentary board matching services for
    up to 20 corporate
  • All benefits of the $25,000 membership

Learn more about your benefits


Learn more about your benefits

Additionally, BoardSource’s corporate members have exclusive access to BoardSource’s advisory services, customized training programs for corporations, and other limited-access opportunities.

  • In-Person Learning Sessions for Employees – $7,500 per day + travel
  • Virtual Learning Sessions – $4,000 per webinar
  • Board Education Seminars – $5,000
  • Board Matching Services – $1,300 per employee
  • Board Support Program – $1,000 per nonprofit organization
  • Advisory Services – individualized coaching and strategy in support of executives, employees, or a new or expanding nonprofit board service program (hourly rate)