Leadership Certificate Programs

Are you new to nonprofit leadership or taking on a new leadership role? 

BoardSource’s certificate programs ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to make an immediate and sustained contribution to your nonprofit organization.

BoardSource offers four certificate programs through in-person courses or through a series of webinars. Additionally, BoardSource presents 101- and 201-level webinars each month designed to provide board members, chief executives, senior executives, and consultants with the knowledge they need to help govern and lead organizations effectively.

Board Chair Certificate

Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Board Chairs

You’re already a proven leader; that’s why your board elected you board chair. And now it’s relying on you to provide the leadership to help your organization advance its mission and have new, positive impacts on your community. This unique certificate program, which includes a copy of The Board Chair Handbook and Building the Governance Partnership, allows you to connect with a governance expert as well as your peers to conquer the unique challenges and issues that encompass the board chair position.

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Consulting Certificate

Certificate of Nonprofit Board Consulting

To better meet the ongoing need for governance training among nonprofit organizations, BoardSource created the Certificate of Nonprofit Board Consulting. This intense three-day course is designed for nonprofit consulting professionals and for those currently pursuing a career in consulting. All participants receive copies of Board Fundamentals, Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, and The Source to supplement the in-person training.

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