Private Leadership Certificate Trainings for Nonprofit Networks

Certificate trainings provide your leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to make sustained contributions to the future of their nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit organizations generally have longer lifespans than individuals — any individuals. For that reason, many people come and go within an organization over a course of time, be they board members, executive directors, staff, consultants, or volunteers. And since no two people bring identical experience and skills, nonprofit leaders face an ongoing need to orient and educate not only themselves, but also one another to ensure each and every leader can make a maximum impact from the first to last day of their service to the organization.


Private Certificate Trainings

BoardSource offers four unique professional development certificate programs. Individuals can register to complete any of the courses solo through our event calendar. Nonprofit networks, however, also have the option of scheduling private training series — either through in-person courses or through a series of webinars — to ensure that the nonprofit leaders within your network have the knowledge and skills to make an immediate and sustained contribution to their respective nonprofit organizations. Private series training deliveries will be lightly customized to speak to your network in commonly understood language and around collective objectives.


Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Chief Executives
Leadership Certificate for Nonprofit Board Chairs
Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education
Certificate of Nonprofit Board Consulting

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