Nominate and Elect New Board Members

You’re almost ready for the election process, but before recommending candidates for election, review your organization’s bylaws to ensure that you follow any specific nomination procedures outlined within them.


For example, sometimes bylaws will specify that nominations should only occur during an “annual meeting.” If there are no specific requirements, you should prepare the board for a discussion of the candidates by providing all current members with the names and bios or resumes of the candidates prior to the board meeting.

Nominees should not be present in the boardroom during the meeting. Your current members should feel free to raise questions about a nominee or to share recent information that might be relevant. To avoid possible awkwardness, any discussion of nominees should be conducted in executive session prior to the formal election, which should be held in open meeting, whether by voice vote or by written ballot, and the results should be recorded in the minutes.

Ready for the next step?

Congratulations! You now have your new board members. What’s next? Board orientation and board member development.

Orient and develop board members