Individual Nonprofit

Thank you for the important work that you do.

Whether it’s feeding the hungry, educating future leaders, addressing inequality and inequity in the world, inspiring our souls through the arts, or any of the many other ways in which nonprofit organizations are making the world a better place, the work that you do matters. It matters to our world and — most importantly — to the missions, communities, and people that you serve.

That’s why BoardSource is committed to providing you with the resources and tools that you need to support and strengthen your leadership at the highest level — the board of directors. We want your mission to flourish, and we know that simply isn’t possible without strategic board leadership.

We’re here to help.

We have hundreds of resources and tools to support your board as you work to better understand your leadership role, your performance and opportunities for growth, and critical issues and challenges facing board leaders today. We encourage you to start with the following key resources and then explore the various sections of our website to learn more about the many resources and supports that we offer.

Resources for Individual Nonprofits

Governance Series

A must-have series of fundamental books on nonprofit board leadership and governance, including Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, which is the definitive resource on the role of a nonprofit board.

How to Remove a Board Member

How to Remove a Board Member Removing a Board Member Dismissing a board member before his or her official term is up is a stressful and complicated process that the board chair should facilitate but […]

Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education

All board members should understand the major building blocks of an effective board. This certificate program covers fundamental nonprofit governance concepts, including board structure and practices, the roles and responsibilities of board members, and financial and legal oversight.

Strategic Board Recruitment and Development

This seminar is ideal for any strategic board that is looking to be more intentional about the way that it identifies, recruits, cultivates, and prepares potential members.

Board Self-Assessment

The BSA is a valuable resource for any nonprofit chief executive looking to motivate board members and lay the foundation for setting board development priorities — individually and collectively — to strengthen the full board’s governance performance and practices.