Peer Group-Based Training

Combine peer learning with individualized coaching to build a strong governance foundation for your network.

In today’s world, nonprofit organizations and grantmakers are looking closely at their training practices and board development solutions to ensure that their costs do not outweigh their reach and impact. As a result, more organizations are abandoning traditional one-on-one training formats in favor of more effective solutions — solutions that engage groups of leaders with similar board development needs and that combine peer learning with individualized coaching. Participants benefit from shared learning and networking, building peer relationships that often provide benefits long after the formal program has ended. Trainers are able to provide their services at a more economical cost when they work simultaneously with a number of individuals or organizations with like needs.

Peer Group Capacity-Building Programs

BoardSource has designed and delivered energizing peer group capacity-building programs across networks of various sizes and mission areas. Through this work, we’ve developed tried-and-true delivery models and consulting methodologies that maximize overall project impact and create efficiencies. Our approaches are designed to build strong and consistent governance foundations across networks, while also providing individualized support — with candid conversation and peer learning — to address differing needs within each audience.

Every cohort-based project is custom-designed to meet the unique goals and needs of your participants. All, however, include these key elements:

Program Design

  • Define Program Objectives & Success Measures
  • Baseline Evaluation to Identify Competencies
  • Project Management

Group Training Elements

  • Curriculum Development
  • Course Materials
  • Training Delivery
  • Peer Relationship Building and Learning

Individualized Governance Interventions

(as needed)

  • Coaching
  • Assessment
  • Consulting

Program Evaluation

  • Mini Post-Training Evaluations
  • Year-End Program Evaluation

BoardSource will work closely with your organization to develop a customized and comprehensive training program, including customized curricula and training materials. The success of any multipart training program is largely dependent upon intentional program design that addresses the specific needs of the audience. Volunteer leaders across the nonprofit sector have many demands on their time — professional, volunteer, and personal. The program must be palatable, impact-focused, and have clear objectives and benefits.

BoardSource evaluates each program and its methodologies at various stages to identify opportunities to further customize or modify our approach based on participant feedback and progress on overall objectives. We assess impacts on five levels of increasing depth:


Was the program appropriate, accessible, positive, supportive, understandable, and delivered at the right level?


Was the content helpful, absorbed, and retained by participants?



Did participation result in any changes to how the participants approach their role? Did participants seek to engage others in the learning?


What were the immediate bottom-line impacts on individual and organizational function and performance from participation?


What were the short- and long-term results? How was the learning incorporated into overall organizational practices?

Starting the conversation is easy.

To learn more about group options customized to the unique needs of your nonprofit network, please email us. Prices and program methodologies vary.

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