The Board Practices Policy Sampler includes 57 samples on the following:

  1. Board Terms
  2. Size of the Board
  3. Compensation of Board Members
  4. Board Member Expense Reimbursement
  5. Board Self-Assessment
  6. Election of Officers
  7. Board Member Removal
  8. Sabbaticals
  9. Vacancy Filling
  10. CEO on Board
  11. Quorum for Board Meetings
  12. Special Meetings
  13. Virtual Meetings and E-Voting
  14. Notice of Meetings
  15. Executive Sessions
  16. Imdemnification
  17. Dissolution

BoardSource offers downloadable policy samplers in 10 different topic areas to help you create specific policies for your organization. Each downloadable policy sampler covers several subtopics and includes an introduction to the subtopic area, key elements, practical tips, suggested resources, and up to several dozen sample policies. To read and download all policies, purchase The Nonprofit Policy Sampler.

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