An Executive Retreat for CEOs and Executive Directors

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the 2018 Executive Retreat. More information about future events will be available shortly.

2018 Executive Retreat

Executive Retreat:
Coming Together to Discover, Collaborate, and Learn

October 14-16, 2018 | San Diego, California

Meet and connect with other nonprofit chief executives from throughout the country and sector to discuss the unique challenges of the chief executive role and what it takes to strengthen the leadership partnership between you and your board. This course encourages self-reflection and provides a “safe” place for sharing and learning.
exec-retreat-logoDiscover the Power of a Strong Board-CEO Partnership

Tools and ideas to assist you in building the strength of your partnership with your board of directors from the fiduciary, generative, and strategic perspectives.

exec-retreat-logoAddressing Opportunities & Overcoming Challenges

Better your understanding how the current environment impacts your mission and action-plan to address key opportunities and challenges facing your board leadership.

exec-retreat-logoRenew Your Energy by Supporting and Engaging with Peers

Find new energy and support from peers across the country through group projects, small-group discussions, and valuable time in and outside of formal sessions.

Here’s what a few participants in the 2016 retreat had to say about the experience:

“This is by far the best training I have ever attended for professional development.  It really should be a part of new CEO training.  No one should have to wait years to learn how to properly engage a board of directors.”

“Fabulous diversity of speakers and the content was excellent.  I am inspired and re-invigorated, and I have a much better appreciation for the role that I must play as coach, facilitator, and expert.”

“It was a great use of my time and I feel that I learned a good amount from the retreat facilitator, BoardSource staff, and my peers. That to me is the penultimate consideration in evaluating a session like this.”

“Great job!  I am very grateful for all you do at BoardSource to help make NPO leadership/staff and board members successful! Peer to peer activity was GREAT and a wonderful way to problem solve in a non-threatening way!”

“This was a tremendous learning experience for me and I feel invigorated by the discussion and networking.  I’d recommend this highly.” 


Travel Information

Perched on its own 15-acre peninsula, Loews Coronado Bay is a private oasis of tranquility near San Diego. This Coronado hotel offers views of the shimmering bay waters and the San Diego skyline.