Evaluating the Fit of a Board Service Opportunity

Use this form to evaluate potential opportunities for board service.


Name of Organization:

Skills & Interests

  1. I am passionate about the organization’s mission.
  2. The board needs my professional knowledge and skills.
  3. The board can benefit from my connections in the community.
  4. I am excited to govern the organization during its current opportunities and challenges.



Responsibilities & Expectations

  1. I am comfortable with board members’ fundraising responsibilities, including personal financial contributions.
  2. I can commit the time required to be an exceptional board member  (attending all meetings, serving on committees, etc.).
  3. The organization has directors’ and officers’ liability insurance.



Culture & Leadership

  1. I received adequate information about the organization and expectations of board members.
  2. The organization is well managed at both the staff and board levels.
  3. The culture of the board will allow me to participate effectively in board discussion and decision-making.



Other strong points:



Potential concerns: