Nonprofit chief executive compensation is being scrutinized by the IRS, state regulators, the media, legislators, and potential funders. Does your board have a process that allows you to offer a salary that will attract and keep top talent without compromising your organization’s mission or the public’s expectations?

This practical step-by-step guide and reference will help you establish an effective compensation structure and maintain public trust by increasing the transparency and integrity of your compensation practices. Updated to address the current nonprofit environment, it includes guidance on

  • balancing public expectations with the need to compete for strong leadership
  • developing a compensation philosophy
  • understanding the marketplace
  • meeting the legal standards
  • using survey data in determining a competitive salary
  • writing a chief executive job description
  • setting and adjusting compensation for inflation/market movement
  • understanding the elements of compensation

While designed primarily for board members, this book is also a valuable resource for chief executives, senior staff, and consultants.

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