Foundation Data Reports

BoardSource and the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) are pleased to announce an exciting partnership designed to advance governance practices in the philanthropic sector.

By leveraging BoardSource’s strengths in building effective nonprofit boards with CEP’s strengths in advancing effective foundation practice, the partnership enables both organizations to offer a powerful suite of tools designed to help foundation boards strengthen their practices and lead their organizations to higher levels of performance. Below is more detail on the resources provided by CEP to further governance practices.

Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP)


CEP-LogoThe Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) is a nonprofit organization focused on the development of comparative data to enable higher-performing funders. Having worked with more than 300 foundations of all types and sizes, CEP is the leading institution in providing performance assessment data to foundations in the US and, increasingly, internationally. CEP brings the following resources to the BoardSource/CEP partnership:

  • Grantee Perception Report (GPR) and Declined Applicant Perception Report (APR)
    The Grantee Perception Report® (GPR) provides funders with comparative, actionable feedback based on responses to a customizable online grantee survey. Through a mix of quantitative and qualitative data, the GPR answers critical questions every funder’s board and staff grapple with daily.
  • Donor Perception Report (DPR) for Community Foundations
    The Donor Perception Report (DPR) invites donors to share what they think are their community foundation’s strengths and areas for improvement. The DPR is the only donor survey tool that compares donor experiences across community foundations. Through the DPR, community foundations are able to identify strategies for most effectively engaging their donors.
  • Staff Perception Report (SPR)
    While there are many staff survey options available, the Staff Perception Report (SPR) is the only staff survey and report designed specifically for philanthropic funders. The experience of staff working in philanthropy is unique and requires a survey that accounts for the grantmaking process as well as differences in internal operations. The SPR provides a comparison of ratings relative to staff of other funders, allowing boards and leaders to identify strengths, opportunities, and strategies to more effectively engage and empower staff.