Sharon Danosky

Danosky & Associates

Affiliated with Boardsource since 2018

About Sharon

Sharon Danosky is a strategist and thought leader who brings a unique combination of expertise in governance, strategy, and fundraising. Sharon’s non-profit experience began in support of a major effort to raise funds to build a new hospital – almost 40 years ago. Since then she has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for health and human service organizations, libraries, animal and environmental organizations, as well as arts and cultural organizations.

She started her consulting firm in 2008 and has led hundreds of organizations to achieve unprecedented growth, re-infuse boards with a new sense of purpose, focus discussions on strategy and impact, build sustainable fundraising programs that achieve double-digit increases, facilitate multi-stakeholder collaborations, and challenge existing structures through narrative change.

Sharon brings a hands-on approach that gives her clients the tools that increase impact and instills them with confidence to maintain their progress. She works with boards to address issues of racial equity rooted in alignment with the mission and purpose of the organization. What differentiates Sharon is her ability to engender trust and to take large-scale, divergent and complex concepts and synthesize them into coherent strategies that become the catalyst for change.

Consultant Information

Email: [email protected]


Location: Sherman, Connecticut

Areas of Expertise: Board culture and dynamics, Board roles and responsibilities, CEO/Board chair coaching, CEO-Board partnership , Executive transition, Fundraising, Governance structures, Strategic board composition, Strategic planning and visioning, Succession planning , Sustained collaboration (mergers, partnerships, etc.)

Areas of Engagement: Board self-assessment review and action planning, Board education retreat or seminar, Ongoing governance coaching and advising, Governance structure and design, Large-group training or conference session, Facilitation of important board conversations

Mission Areas: Associations, Community foundations, Founder-led organizations , Private foundations, Religiously-affiliated organizations, Small-budget organizations, Social justice organizations

Virtual Work Availability: Flexible, based on needs