Russell Goldstein

Affiliated with Boardsource since 2013

About Russell

Russell Goldstein is an Institutional Client Advisor at Bank of America Private Bank in Arizona. He has a passion for working with institutions, foundations and nonprofit organizations, as well as Board members who are committed to making a difference in their communities.

Russell is BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer and a frequent presenter at national conferences focused on planned giving, philanthropy and building exceptional boards. He loves having an intimate dialogue with board and staff to understand the challenges they are dealing with. From there, Russell develops curriculum to bring the “AHA” moment to board and staff to inspire them to action. He thrives in small group discussions and or facilitating board discussions focused on roles and responsibilities, better board meetings, engaging your board to action, the power in onboarding, setting up committees for success, planned giving, endowment and investment committee best practices, philanthropy, onboarding and why ESG and sustainability matter for your board and investment committee. His sessions are energetic, fun and engaging.

Consultant Information

Email: [email protected]


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Areas of Expertise: Board culture and dynamics, Board roles and responsibilities, Executive assessment and oversight, Fundraising, Strategic board composition

Areas of Engagement: Board self-assessment review and action planning, Board education retreat or seminar, Governance structure and design, Large-group training or conference session

Mission Areas: Community foundations, Corporate volunteerism programs, Family foundations, Founder-led organizations , Private foundations, Religiously-affiliated organizations, Small-budget organizations, Social justice organizations

Virtual Work Availability: Flexible, based on needs