Patricia Quinn Connolly


Affiliated with Boardsource since 2011

About Patricia

Patricia Q. Connolly is an executive with notable success guiding discussions on leading and governing in the 21st century. Through her varied experience, she has gained a unique perspective on the critical role that a Board of Directors has in steering an organization to success.

She advanced through a series of positions at financial services firm PNC Financial Corp during her early career culminating with her role as Group Vice President for its retail and private banking group. Ms. Connolly applied her business acumen to the nonprofit sector, holding executive roles at prominent institutions such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She infused nonprofit operations with new efficiency and cost-effectiveness that streamlined processes and positioned long-term success.

Ms. Connolly served as Executive Director of Drexel University’s Raj & Kamla Gupta Governance Institute (formerly the Center for Corporate Governance) from 2008 to 2020. Ms. Connolly also served as Chairman of the Nominating & Governance Committee for a 1500-employee, 370-physician medical center.

Ms. Connolly holds an MA in History & History of Art from the University of Pennsylvania and a BA in History from Bryn Mawr College. She also received an AS in Finance from The Wharton School.

Consultant Information

Email: [email protected]

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Location: Newton Square, Pennsylvania

Areas of Expertise: Board culture and dynamics, Board ethics, Board roles and responsibilities, CEO/Board chair coaching, CEO-Board partnership, Executive transition, Executive assessment and oversight, Governance structures, Strategic board composition, Succession planning, Sustained collaboration (mergers, partnerships, etc.)

Areas of Engagement: Board self-assessment review and action planning, Board education retreat or seminar, Ongoing governance coaching and advising, Governance structure and design, Large-group training or conference session, Facilitation of important board conversations

Mission Areas: Associations, Community foundations, Founder-led organizations, Corporate volunteerism programs, Advocacy organizations, Private foundations, Family foundations, Religiously-affiliated organizations

Virtual Work Availability: Flexible, based on needs