Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education On Demand

Hello nonprofit leaders,

Thanks again for participating in the Certificate of Nonprofit Board Education on demand and for stopping by the resource center.

In this space, we will provide participants with links to various resources that we mention during the series. These include BoardSource topic and white papers, books, and products, as well as articles or current events stories we think you might find interesting.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at justin.wood@boardsource.org or by phone at 202-349-2534. BoardSource is always here to assist you in any way we can.

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Justin Wood
Governance Programs Manager

Module 1: Nonprofits and Governance

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Intro: The Nonprofit Context

Section 1: Fiduciary Responsibilities


Module 2: Bylaws, Policies, and Meetings

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Section 1: Bylaws

Section 2: Governance Policies

Section 3: Board Meetings


Module 3: The Staff

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Section 1: Hiring, Assessing, and Compensating the CEO

Section 2: The Board-Staff Partnership


Module 4: The Board

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Section 1: Diversity and Inclusion

Section 2: Strategic Board Building

Section 3: Board Structure

Section 4: Types of Committees


Module 5: Oversight and Accountability

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Section 1: Financial Oversight

Section 2: Legal & Ethical Oversight

Section 3: Program Oversight


Module 6: Fundraising

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Topic Papers and Resources