A Case Study of AchieveMission’s Sunset


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Eleven years ago, AchieveMission was founded as a nonprofit consulting firm. Its founding goal was to increase the impact achieved by nonprofits through enhancing the sector’s perception and practice of human capital management. Over time, the organization evolved to support organizations with the important adaptive leadership and intersectional race equity frameworks needed for equity-centered organizational practices and structures.

From 2009 to 2020, AchieveMission served over 84 organizations that continue to carry forward AchieveMission’s impact in structures, programs, practices, and culture. In 2020, the organization made the hardest decision for a nonprofit organization,  to dissolve or “sunset” the organization.

This case study revolves around the detailed process of AchieveMission’s decision to sunset, with the hope that this piece can serve as a resource for the social sector at large. You can also find a list of questions and a checklist of microtasks to review with board members and staff before making a decision to sunset your organization.