Joining Our Team

At BoardSource, we have built a culture and a team that we think is quite special. Join us.

We are goal-oriented and mission-minded. We are community servants and sector leaders. We are building tomorrow’s BoardSource, and strive to always be one of the sector’s best places to work.

Our Core Values



We believe that leadership takes courage — a willingness to take risks in the pursuit of transformational change. We aspire to be courageous by speaking truth about issues of critical importance to the social sector and by challenging nonprofit leaders to be bold and courageous as they work to expand their organizations’ impact.



We believe in the value of working with others and achieving together what may not be possible alone. We aspire to bring a collaborative spirit and strategy to all that we do, learning from the insights and leadership of others, and sharing openly what others may be able learn from us.



We believe that leadership requires curiosity about the future, a willingness to ask tough questions, and a commitment to learning and deeper understanding. We aspire to be curious in the work that we do, and to inspire curiosity about effective board leadership in others.



We believe that the nonprofit sector is enriched by the breadth of its scope within its social good purpose; and we believe that this social good purpose calls on nonprofit organizations to embrace diversity, inclusion, and equity in deep and transformative ways. We aspire to be inclusive in the way that we engage and learn from board and staff leaders, and to model our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in all that we do.

If BoardSource’s culture and team sounds like one in which you would excel, we encourage you to learn more about our current job openings.