Tess Stryk

tess stryk

Marketing Coordinator

Tess Stryk joined BoardSource in March 2019 as a member of the Marketing and Technology team. She is responsible for supporting BoardSource’s digital marketing efforts with a focus on our member community. Tess utilizes digital marketing tools to enhance our understanding of our community’s needs and subsequently tailor our content to provide greater value to our members and broader audience.

Prior to joining BoardSource, Tess was with Pacers Running in Arlington, VA, and a Fulbright Austria teaching assistant. At Pacers, Tess lead digital marketing efforts focused on individualized customer interactions through authentic brand storytelling and social media content. She also hosted the Pace the Nation podcast, which included interviewing a weekly guest and reporting on local and national running news. Tess graduated from Guilford College with a bachelor’s degree in sport management and is currently working on a master’s degree in media and strategic communication from George Washington University. On the weekends, she can be found taking the long way around the mountain on foot and refueling at local barbecue spots.