Leadership transition represents the most vulnerable point in the evolution of any organization. Planning for succession ensures that the critical changes at these times will be strategic and conducive to the organization’s success. Succession planning serves as a roadmap and helps prepare staff, funders, and the board for changes to come. A clearly articulated succession plan is especially important as founding and long-term executive directors consider retirement.

This webinar addresses methods that nonprofits can use to prepare for leadership transition, including having systems in place for emergencies and loss of critical staff, planned communications strategies, and policies that ensure a smooth transition for all constituent groups, including staff, volunteers and funders. This webinar is perfect for the executive director, board member, or senior staff member looking to ensure a smooth transition by developing an emergency and/or long-term succession plan for the departure of a CEO and/or key management staff. Participants will also learn how to plan for leadership change at the ED/CEO level using an interim executive director. This webinar is the first of a two-part series on leadership succession.


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