For most nonprofits striving to meet a 7 to 8 percent total return in this low-return investment environment, a traditional investment portfolio and investment management approach isn’t going to cut it. Join Russell Investments and learn about the fundamental building blocks it believes are required to pursue CPI + 5% and the dynamic portfolio management strategies needed to help ensure that short-term volatility doesn’t de-rail long-term goals—in other words, mitigating seeking to mitigate risks and bolstering overall portfolio returns. We’ll also walk you through how to structure your investment policy statement to seek these strategies and ensure the flexibility to help pursue this elusive goal.

In this webinar, the presenters cover the following:

  • The current market environment and the headwinds and tailwinds impacting an organization’s ability to meet a return goal of CPI + 5%.
  • Investment strategies and tactics to better position an investment portfolio to seek a CPI + 5% return goal.
  • Tools to compare the market outlook assumptions and set strategic priorities in line with those that may have the greatest impact on the organization’s ability to meet return goals.
  • Ways to incorporate these strategies into the investment policy statement.


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