A BoardSource Toolkit on Effective Nonprofit Board Orientation

Congratulations! You’ve recruited talented and eager board members. Your work is done — or is it? New board members should not be left on their own to figure out what to do next. By putting them through an effective nonprofit board orientation program, you will strengthen your board and empower your entire organization. Board members who are oriented properly are more knowledgeable about governing and better prepared to oversee your nonprofit’s strategic direction, allowing you to make the best use of their expertise.

Getting On Board with Effective Orientation: A BoardSource Toolkit will help you design your board orientation materials and training sessions and ensure that they include all the right components.

You’ll learn

  • why board member orientation is important
  • what’s involved in orientation
  • what new board members need to know about board service
  • how to keep your board members engaged through ongoing education

You’ll find proven advice and practical tips, along with questions to stimulate board discussion around important orientation topics. The 34 tools address the benefits of orientation, the governance committee’s role, what to include in an orientation manual, the benefits of mentoring, individual board member responsibilities, ways to create regular opportunities for board education, and many more issues about board orientation. The toolkit also provides samples of a board member letter of agreement, an agenda for an orientation retreat, and the contents of a board orientation manual.