One of the fundamental duties of the nonprofit board is to ensure that the organization is run effectively though selecting, hiring, and if necessary, firing the chief executive. The board is responsible for the process of continuous readiness, by ensuring the organization has access to qualified leadership during planned and unplanned departures.  This is not an isolated task; it is an essential part of succession planning and a proactive process to ensure organizational sustainability.

This webinar is designed to provide consultants with the information to answer the following questions when working with nonprofit boards:

  1. What is succession planning, what are the different types of succession plans, and how is it different from an execution transition or search process?
  2. What are the core elements of succession planning?
  3. What are the board and the executive’s roles in succession planning?

Presenter: Robin Hindsman Stacia, Senior Governance Consultant, BoardSource

Included downloadable items:

  1. A Consultant’s Guide to Succession Planning Webinar Accompanying PowerPoint
  2. The Nonprofit Leadership Development Deficit by Libbie Landles-Cobb, Kirk Kramer, & Katie Smith Milway
  3. Succession Plan Guidelines
  4. Exploring Nonprofit Executive Turnover by Amanda J. Stewart

Please note, this webinar is for BoardSource consultant members only. If you are not a consultant member or certified governance trainer, please visit our other executive transition resources or become a member today.


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