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Throughout the year, members of the BoardSource team speak at conferences and events across the country about nonprofit board service. Take a look at our upcoming speaking engagements to see where we’re off to next.


March 18th: 2019 National Summit on Youth Homelessness | Washington D.C.

Anne Wallestad, President & CEO

Board Advocacy & Stand For Your Mission
Are your Board Directors knowledgeable about the policies that impact the operation of your program?  Are they informed and encouraged to engage in advocacy that would help your agency better respond to the needs of youth at-risk of and experiencing homelessness?  Learn about the Stand for Your Mission model of engaging your board in advocacy.  You will also hear how one agency implemented this model and the real imp shows that only 52% of organizations report that board members are advocating, and many organizations aren’t advocating at all.  The Stand for Your Mission campaign educates boards about advocacy as a strategy, and we are interested in executive and board perspectives on why advocacy is not being utilized more – join us and share the opportunities, barriers, and challenges as you see them.