Our Leaders in Action

Throughout the year, members of the BoardSource team speak at conferences and events across the country about nonprofit board service. Take a look at our upcoming speaking engagements to see where we’re off to next.

Past engagements


November 16: Independent Sector | Washington, DC

Anne Wallestad, President & CEO

Along with three co-presenters, Anne Wallestad will present “Frame-Breaking Ideas for 21st Century Fundraising.” The session will roll out a new Fundraising Culture Assessment tool and will candidly discuss what kind of leadership and resources organizations and boards need to advance fundraising effectiveness.

More about the conference: The Independent Sector Conference is the meeting ground for leaders and changemakers looking to drive momentum for the charitable community, set the sector’s agenda for the coming year, and collaborate on strategies for success.


November 17: Alliance for Nonprofit Management National Conference | Washington, DC

Rick Moyers, BoardSource Board Chair

Given the importance of the board chair role, it is surprising that there is little research in the governance literature focused on the nonprofit board chair. This panel, “Voices of Nonprofit Board Chairs:  A National Research Study on How They Prepare For and Perceive Their Role in Relation to the Board, Community, and CEO,” will discuss the study conducted by a research team of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management’s Governance Affinity Group. The study examined two questions researchers believe will help advance the sector’s understanding of board chairs and their importance to governance.

About the conference: The Alliance 2016 annual conference is in collaboration with the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organization’s (ARNOVA) conference. Research to Practice has been the key program of the Alliance and this partnership with ARNOVA will further solidify the research to practice continuum between Alliance members practicing capacity building and the researchers engaging in cutting-edge research.


November 18: ARNOVA | Washington, DC

Chris Thompson, Ph.D., Director of Research and Evaluation

Chris will present “The Revolution Will Be Data Driven: New Opportunities for Disruptive Nonprofit Research in an Open Data World.” With three co-presenters, Chris will discuss how recent developments with nonprofit data at the BLS and the IRS offer exciting new opportunities for researchers to operate at unprecedented scale and detail.

More about the conference: The ARNOVA conference is designed to create a public conversation on, as well as opportunities for presenting research about, pressing issues and vital opportunities facing the voluntary or nonprofit sector. It is both a showcase for the best and most current research, as well as a seed bed from which new research is born.