Our Leaders in Action

Throughout the year, members of the BoardSource team speak at conferences and events across the country about nonprofit board service. Take a look at our upcoming speaking engagements to see where we’re off to next.


October 17-19: Philanthropy Southwest 2019 Annual Conference | Colorado Springs, CO

Anne Wallestad, President & CEO

Essentials for Foundation Trustees: Governance, Accountability and Strategic Leadership
This session goes back to the basics about the trustee’s role, expectations and how to carry out effective governance.  The content will be presented through a unique frame of balancing fiduciary oversight and accountability with strategic leadership and partnership.

While governance issues are not one-size-fits-all,  this session will cover trustee responsibilities and best practices, including the board’s strategic and adaptive role and its role in overseeing the organization.  Board members are often well-versed in their oversight role (financial, legal, and ethical oversight), but may be less comfortable with their strategic and adaptive role (navigating a state of ongoing change and uncertainty).  Both roles are important for boards to successfully lead the organization in partnership with the executive.

  1. The learning objectives for this session include:
  2. Become versed at key governance roles and responsibilities of the board
  3. Gain insights on balancing fiduciary oversight and accountability with strategic leadership and partnership

Increase awareness for appropriate application of best practice within community, family, and independent foundations.This session is intended for:

  • New trustees seeking an introduction to the principles of foundation governance
  • Experienced trustees looking for a refresher and new ideas


October 23-25: Alliance for Nonprofit Management 2019 Annual Capacity Builders Conference | St. Louis, MO

Jenifer Holland, Associate Vice President, Consulting and Learning Practice

Supporting Board & Staff Change Agents to Advance Race Equity: A Cohort Approach
Full session description to come.


November 13: Southeastern Council on Foundations Annual Meeting | Atlanta, GA

Anne Wallestad, President & CEO

Leveraging the Fundraising Partnership Between Boards, CEOs, and Development Staff

The executive and board partnership is essential, but – when it comes to fundraising – that’s sometimes easier said than done.   According to the most recent edition of Leading with Intent, fundraising tops the list of board challenges, as it has since BoardSource first started collecting these data in 1994.

There’s no question that fundraising is an important board function, but it’s not just about raising funds. It’s also about building fundraising literacy at the board level that helps the organization overcome common myths, which may lead to an underinvestment in fundraising. As a part of this session, Anne Wallestad, president & CEO of BoardSource,t will share the Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness framework and discuss how you can use it to build greater understanding, trust, and engagement in support of a strong fundraising partnership between board and staff.