Important COVID-19 and BLF Updates for Friends of BoardSource

Dear BoardSource Friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unique and unforeseen challenges for nonprofit leaders and the people and communities we serve. It’s a scary time, both as we work to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, and as we work to navigate weighty organizational questions about how we will proceed in the coming days, weeks, and months.

At BoardSource, we know that many of you are facing complex and high-stakes questions about how to protect your teams, serve your constituents, and withstand the potential impact on your organization’s long-term resilience and survival. And while we can’t answer these important questions for you, we want to be a resource as you think about how to come together as board and staff leaders to identify and address the big questions.

Two tremendous BoardSource leaders, Joy Folkedal and Lindsay Tallman, came together to tee up some good questions for boards to be asking and some helpful resources to help gather information and expert guidance. Beyond these starting point resources, Joy and Lindsay are also the experts behind our “Ask the Expert” service and available to field and address questions that you might be facing within your specific organization – about meeting and decision-making practices in crisis, the board’s role in crisis communication, and whatever else you’re facing in this moment. This service is typically a “members-only” resource, but during this crisis, we are opening it up to all, regardless of member status. While we certainly won’t have all the answers, we will do our very best to get you connected to a resource or a person who can help.

I also want to share an update on a big organizational question that BoardSource has been facing, which is how to handle our BoardSource Leadership Forum, scheduled for May 7-8 in St. Louis. We got clarity on that question last night, when the mayor of St. Louis banned all events of 50 or more people for the next 8 weeks. While we are very sad not to be able to host this very special convening of nonprofit leaders, we know that the safety and health of everyone is the top priority, and we appreciate Mayor Krewson’s clear and decisive leadership during this difficult time. For those of you who are registered for the BLF, we will be sending you detailed information about refund procedures and next steps, and ask that you hold off on reaching out to our member services line until you receive those details.

In times like these, we see the critically important role that nonprofits play in our country. And we are reminded of the weight of the decisions that we make as nonprofit boards and leaders. From all of us at BoardSource, we are committed to you and the important work that you do, and wish you the very best as you navigate these challenging times.

In partnership,

Anne Wallestad
President & CEO