How We Serve Individuals and Organizations

The nonprofit sector is vast and complex.
BoardSource is here to help you navigate it.

According to the Urban Institute’s Nonprofit Sector in Brief 2015, approximately 1.41 million nonprofits were registered with the IRS in 2013, and more than 25 percent of US adults volunteered with a nonprofit in 2014, contributing an estimated 8.7 billion hours.

These staggering numbers include a vast range of organizations, all of which are governed by boards, and a diversity of individuals, many of whom serve on nonprofit boards or work with boards in some way.

BoardSource envisions a world where every social sector organization — here and abroad — has the leadership it needs to succeed, and we’re committed to supporting the wide range of organizations and individuals who reach out to us for guidance.

The following list of nonprofit organization types and board leadership roles links to resources that are most applicable to your organization and role.

We want you and your organization to succeed.
Your mission is our mission.

Additional Resources

Many more resources can be found in the Resources and Solutions section of our website. There you will find that we provide guidance and support in several different formats — written resources, tools, templates, training, online performance assessment tools, certificate programs, and consulting and coaching.

If you are interested in exploring a particular topic or are confronting a particular challenge, you may want to head straight to the Topics area of this site, which features resources specific to a given subject matter, and at different content levels: 101, 201, and 301. And don’t forget to visit our Store to browse our collection of publications, register for events, and find other important resources to help with your board leadership development.

Your mission depends on strategic board leadership that understands and embraces its role.