Resources for Nonprofit Boards


Key Resources for Nonprofit Boards

Great board leadership takes intentionality and effort.

BoardSource is here to help.

We have nonprofit resources and tools on a wide range of board leadership topics that can help you educate yourself and your board, navigate thorny board issues, and address new challenges or opportunities your board may be facing. Each topic page provides a directory of downloadable resources, articles, and publications. More resources and publications can be found in the BoardSource store.

Find Support with BoardSource

Board service isn’t always easy, but finding reliable board resources can be with BoardSource. Whether you’re looking for the latest nonprofit news, research reports, comprehensive guides, or support programs, explore our resources to find the support you need.

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How Can We Help You Achieve Your Board’s Mission

BoardSource is here to keep you mission-minded as you and your board work to fulfill key responsibilities and tackle organizational challenges. We have codified a set of Recommended Board Practices, which are informed by our research and years of experience working with boards. These guidelines may provide a useful starting point for key decisions about governance practices and a discussion about opportunities for positive change. Be sure to check out our blog that highlights nonprofit board content and also subscribe to receive additional resources and solutions.

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