Corporate Leadership through Employee Service


BoardSource recognizes the powerful opportunity for corporate professionals to support nonprofit organizations by sharing their talents and expertise through nonprofit board service.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with leading companies to design, implement, and support nonprofit board service programs within their companies. Recent research from the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy indicates that nonprofit board service is one of the fastest growing categories of employee service programming, with 53 percent of companies now reporting that they have nonprofit board service programs for their employees.

But nonprofit board service programs within companies are not one-size-fits-all. BoardSource works with corporate leaders to understand your goals and help you build and implement a program that will position you and your employees for success.

About our Work

Engaging Leaders through Training

Built a cohort-based program for Prudential that engages diverse, rising leaders within the company to expand their leadership through board service.

Finding the Right Board for Your Employees

Developed a comprehensive vetting process to help Target screen nonprofit organizations prior to placing employees on boards.

Designing Policies & Programs

Aligned policies and programming for nonprofit board service programs across Disney’s wide-ranging brands and divisions.

Providing Fundamental Resources

Extended fundamental board leadership resources to Google’s broad network of employee leaders through our corporate membership program.

Our Range of Strategic & Program Support

  • Educational programming to prepare employees for effective nonprofit board service, whether they have a long career as a nonprofit board member or are serving on a board for the very first time.
  • Board matching services to help individual employees identify a board service opportunity that is aligned with their interests and goals.
  • Ongoing technical support, guidance, and educational resources for employees throughout their board service.
  • Board development and technical assistance packages to extend to the nonprofit boards on which employees are serving.
  • Advisory services to help you build, implement, and evaluate the impact of your nonprofit board service program.