Katherine Whitney

Warren Whitney

Affiliated with Boardsource since 2014

About Katherine

With more than 20 years of experience in working with nonprofits, Katherine focuses on helping nonprofit boards carry out their responsibilities in:

  • Setting the strategic direction of the organization through strategic planning facilitation.
  • Hiring the CEO or Head of School through executive searches
  • Ensuring good governance through board development and training
  • Decision-making on important topics such as organizational growth through mergers.

Katherine has significant experience in a number of nonprofit sectors, including at-risk youth services; human services, such as workforce development, food pantries, and homeless services; and education, especially independent schools.

Each process is tailored to the needs of the specific client, taking into account the client’s culture, purpose, and capacity. A client recently wrote, “You’ve kept us on track, helped us navigate the sticky wickets and manage all the personalities.”

Katherine is a co-founder and partner of Warren Whitney, a consulting firm founded in 1989. Warren Whitney is headquartered in Richmond, VA and serves the mid-Atlantic. Katherine has support from Warren Whitney professionals in the areas of finance and accounting, human resources and IT strategy.

Katherine’s passion is helping organizations reach their potential.

Consultant Information

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.warrenwhitney.com

Location: Richmond, Virginia

Areas of Expertise: Board roles and responsibilities, CEO-Board partnership, Executive transition, Strategic board composition, Strategic planning and visioning, Succession planning, Sustained collaboration (mergers/partnerships/etc.)

Areas of Engagement: Ongoing governance coaching and advising, Governance structure and design, Large-group training or conference session, Facilitation of important board conversations

Mission Areas: Advocacy organizations, Associations, Community foundations, Family foundations, Founder-led organizations, Private foundations, Religiously-affiliated organizations, Small-budget organizations, Social justice organizations

Virtual Work Availability: Flexible, based on needs