Partnership for Effective Board Leadership for Corporations

BoardSource helps corporations make a difference.

As the leading organization focused on nonprofit governance and leadership, BoardSource helps corporations make the smartest investment in their employees and greatest impact in their communities.

Support and prepare
your employees.

BoardSource provides scalable and in-depth support to corporations looking to engage their executives, emerging leaders, and/or employees at-large through board service.

Support your grantees and their impact.

BoardSource helps corporations deepen their grantee investments and community impact through technical assistance packages and capacity-building resources.

Engage your community and stakeholders.

BoardSource works with corporations to help you engage your community and organizational stakeholders through board service programming and resources.

Partnership for Effective Board Leadership

The Partnership for Effective Board Leadership is a membership program specifically designed for corporations. Companies can support effective nonprofit board leadership in a variety of ways. Our membership program provides tailored solutions and expert support for a corporate board service program that attracts, develops, and retains valued employees. We offer a standard membership in addition to an enhanced membership that can be customized to suit your needs.

Standard Annual Membership

Partner with BoardSource to launch or supplement a board service program. Standard corporate membership is $10,000 annually. Enhanced options are below.

Educational Resources

Open access for all employees to hundreds of BoardSource resources
Recognition & Visibility

Visibility and recognition for your company as a BoardSource partner
Easy Access to Assistance

Ask-an-Expert email service for employees
Consulting Opportunities

Expert consulting for CSR professionals
Grantee Support

Discounted board support packages for grantees

Enhanced Membership

Our enhanced offering can be customized to suit your needs in the following areas: employee development, grantee education, and stakeholder engagement.

Employee Development
and Support


Employee Training
Provide customized board service training to your executives and emerging leaders. Empower them to be effective leaders on nonprofit boards.


Executive Board Placements
Help place executives and emerging leaders on boards across the US through the BoardSource & Board Member Connect placement program.


Ongoing Support
Provide in-depth coaching to your employees who are currently serving on nonprofit boards.

Grantee Education
and Support


Board Support Resources
Take a holistic approach by extending membership resources to your grantees and the nonprofit organizations served by your employees.


Grantee Training
Engage your grantees in training and educational opportunities that will improve their governance and leadership knowledge and performance.


Deep Support
Provide organizations with guided support from a consultant via a Board Self-Assessment and Action Planning Retreat.

Community and
Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholder Resources
Support your network with training and board service support as a way to deepen your business and strategic relationships.


Community Engagement
Strengthen your role as a leader in the community, provide board training to organizations and leaders in strategic and/or local markets.


Branding and Visibility
Make a statement about your company’s commitment, provide support for BoardSource’s signature programs and resources.

Additional Corporate Leadership and Visibility

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to exceptional leadership and good governance in the social sector.

  • Support our sector leadership work and sector impact.
  • Sponsor our conference, the largest gathering of nonprofit board leaders in the country.
  • Support our events, educational programming, and resource development.

Founded in 1988 as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, BoardSource is the leading organization working to inspire and support excellence in nonprofit governance and board and staff leadership.