Strategic Board Recruitment and Development

This seminar is ideal for any strategic board that is looking to be more intentional about the way that it identifies, recruits, cultivates, and prepares potential members.

Strategic Board Recruitment and Development


As a result of attending this training, your board members will

  • embrace the central role that strategic board recruitment plays in building an effective board
  • cultivate an appreciation for the role that diversity and inclusion play in strategic board recruitment
  • demonstrate a working knowledge of the critical steps of the process of finding, recruiting, and engaging board members
  • understand how to engage new potential board members in a way that sets them up for successful board service that meets both the organization’s and the board member’s needs and expectations
  • appreciate the role of the governance committee in supporting and strengthening overall board performance, including the strategic recruitment of board members

Sample Agenda

The Board’s Role in Building the Board

  • The case for a governance committee
  • Gap analysis and the board recruitment matrix
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in the boardroom

The People: Cultivation and Recruitment of Board Members

  • Potential sources of new board members
  • Cultivation as an on-going activity
  • Determining fit
  • Setting proper expectations before board service

The Work: Orientation, Education, Involvement

  • Board orientations
  • On-going education regarding work of the organization, the onboarding process, and board governance
  • Utilizing the unique skills of every board member in a meaningful way
  • Communications and time in between meetings

The Culture: Evaluate, Rotate, Celebrate

  • Understanding the board culture
  • Tools and processes for board evaluation
  • Term limits and refreshing the board
  • Maintaining connections
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The fee for this seminar is $6,000 plus associated travel ($5,000 for organizational members).