Show Me the Money: Creating a Fundraising Culture

This seminar is ideal for board-staff leadership teams that are looking to expand the board’s role in creating a fundraising culture and to understand specific steps and processes for success.

Creating a Fundraising Culture

fundraising cultureAs a result of attending this training, your board members will

  • demonstrate a working knowledge of the roles that board and staff members generally play in fundraising
  • understand different types of fundraising, with an appreciation for the ways in which each type fits in with the financial model of their nonprofit organization
  • be familiar with how board members can be most helpful and supportive of different fundraising strategies
  • discuss, clarify, and be better positioned to support expectations for board member engagement in fundraising
  • build a common understanding around the prerequisites for successful fundraising by board and staff

Sample Agenda

Fundraising Responsibilities

  • Board’s role in fundraising
  • Board-chief executive partnership
  • Individual board member participation
  • Sample job descriptions

Fundraising Facts

  • Motivations for giving
  • Sources of funding nationwide

Types of Fundraising

  • Annual giving
  • Major gifts and campaigns
  • Planned giving and bequests

Stages of Fundraising

  • Cultivation
  • Solicitation
  • Stewardship

Resource Development Planning

  • Sources of support
  • Fundraising cycle
  • 9-step fundraising process
  • Resource development plan, program planning

Presenting Your Case

  • Preparation
  • Elevator speech
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The fee for this seminar is $6,000 plus associated travel ($5,000 for organizational members).