Board Education Seminars

BoardSource offers five educational seminars that can be brought into your boardroom as full- or partial-day sessions.

The first step to strong board performance is a clear understanding of the board’s roles and a shared commitment to leveraging the board’s full potential. BoardSource’s five different educational seminars create the opportunity for boards to come together to focus on core board responsibilities. A BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer will facilitate and create the space for open and honest dialogue about how best to tap into the board as a strategic asset.

The fee for all board education seminars is $6,000 plus associated travel ($5,000 for organizations who are members of BoardSource).

Board Leadership and Engagement: Fundamentals for Success

This seminar is appropriate for any board that seeks greater clarity or understanding about its roles and responsibilities and expectations for board engagement, including the balance and partnership between board and staff.

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Show Me the Money: Creating a Fundraising Culture

This seminar is ideal for board-staff leadership teams that are looking to expand the board’s role in fundraising and understand specific steps and processes for success.

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Strategic Board Recruitment and Development

This seminar is ideal for any board that is looking to be more strategic about the way that it identifies, cultivates, recruits, and prepares potential members.

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The Board-Staff Partnership:
How to Share Leadership & Get Results

This seminar is designed for nonprofit leaders who are working to deepen and strengthen the way that the board and executive work together.

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Practices of High-Performing Boards: What the Best Boards Do Well

This seminar is designed for boards that are eager to take their leadership to the next level of performance. It is especially appropriate for boards that understand governance basics and want to accelerate their performance for mission impact.

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