Board Self-Assessment & Action Planning Session

Want to learn more about the results of your board self-assessment?

The BoardSource Self-Assessment & Action Planning Session pairs you with a BoardSource consultant to facilitate a conversation in your boardroom about the results of your self-assessment and next steps for board development.

A BoardSource facilitator will engage the board in an honest and productive conversation that focuses on

  • ways in which the board is excelling and how to build on those strengths
  • areas for growth or development, including sensitive issues that may have been surfaced as a part of the self-assessment
  • areas of board performance where there may be divergent views of how the board is performing
  • opportunities to clarify expectations and opportunities for enhanced performance
  • prioritizing next steps for board development

The $8,500 session fee ($7,000 for organizational members) includes:1

  • the BoardSource Board Self-Assessment (BSA) and report
  • consultant-led preparatory conversations and interviews with the board chair, chief executive, and up to three other board leaders
  • familiarization with the organization’s key governance documents and practices
  • facilitation of a full-day meeting or retreat focused on the assessment results and next steps for board development
  • access to ongoing educational resources and support via the Board Support Program for organizations

If you are interested in engaging a BoardSource consultant to facilitate a Board Self-Assessment & Action Planning Session for your board, we invite you to tell us more about your board and its needs.

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1Travel expenses not included.

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