Charter or Independent School

Charter and independent schools are a unique subset of the nonprofit sector.

Operating as nonprofit organizations, their boards in many ways mirror the structure and expectations of other nonprofits, but there are some key differences, especially when it comes to accreditation and authorization.

BoardSource understands those unique needs and is pleased to support and serve boards and school leaders with a number of resources and tools, featured below, that are tailored to your specific needs, including a membership program that includes assessment tools and specific resources for school leaders and the board.

Beyond these core resources, we know that school leaders benefit from the guidance and recommendations that BoardSource’s broader resources provide. Many more resources are located in the Resources and Solutions section of this website. There you will find that we provide guidance and support in several different formats — written resources, webinars, trainings, certificate programs, and consulting and coaching — and at different content levels: 101, 201, and 301. If you are interested in exploring a particular topic or are confronting a particular challenge, you may want to head next to the Topics area of this site, which features information specific to a given subject matter.

We also want to direct you to our Store, which is where you’ll find our well-respected books, including the most recent edition of the first book BoardSource published, Ten Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards, and our flagship series, The Governance Series. Both are must-reads for anyone new to nonprofit board leadership.

Resources for Charter or Independent Schools

Resources for Charter School Members

In partnership with Charter Board Partners, BoardSource members now have access to 40+ resources designed specifically for charter school boards and leaders.

Foundation, School, Association, and Credit Union BSA

Although the principles of good governance are similar in many ways to those for public charities, there are significant differences for many organizations. BoardSource adapted its core board self-assessment tool to meet the needs of foundations, schools, associations and credit unions.