Joining Our Team

At BoardSource, we have built a culture and a team
that we think is quite special. Join us.

We are goal-oriented and mission-minded. We are community servants and sector leaders. We are building tomorrow’s BoardSource, and strive to always be one of the sector’s best places to work.

Our Core Values


We promote and honor the individual gifts and skills of BoardSource employees.
We assume good faith and believe the best of each other.
We do not forget the fun.


We strive to be transparent and inclusive.
We embrace diversity and equality.
We make ourselves worthy of the faith and investment that our members, clients, supporters, and sector partners place in us.


We delight in hard work.
We embrace continuous feedback and acknowledge opportunities for growth.
We take pride and ownership of our work, and we harness individual talent wherever we find it.



We take a holistic view of the effects of the decisions we make.
We support and cooperate with each other and with our members, clients, supporters, and sector partners. We celebrate individual, departmental, and organizational successes.

If BoardSource’s culture and team sounds like one in which you would excel, we encourage you to learn more about our current job openings.